This procedure involves the application of RemovalS solution onto the tattooed areas to decompose the tattoo or PMU. With this process, the PMU is completely removed, while the tattoo is significantly alleviated. This removal technique is often recommended before applying a new tattoo or PMU to the same area.

When in contact with the tattooed regions and pigments, the main components of RemovalS lead to the osmosis process in which not only water is directly drawn but also the broken molecules of pigment.

This picture illustrates the general physical principle of the osmosis process. Water tends to move towards the saline solution. In osmosis, when a tattoo is being removed, the highly concentrated saline solution draws water. This also enables the broken tattoo pigments to be drawn towards the sterile saline or fine sterile salt.

The accompanying ingredients of RemovalS will lead to very rapid regeneration of the cells which have been damaged due to abrasion or application of this solution into the skin. This is another factor that will speed up fading or complete bleaching of a PMU or tattoo.

Allantoin speeds up the natural regeneration processes of the skin cells. It has antiinflammatory, keratolytic and hydrating properties.

After the deep (dermal) application of RemovalS, RemovalS gel is applied, which should be kept on the skin from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the skin region (thickness).

In order to stop the osmosis effect, the area should be thoroughly washed with the appropriate antiseptic (SeptoS spray or SeptoS wipies). This process should be repeated every 5-6 hours during at least 24 hours. 3-4 days after the procedure, the scab will be formed. The scab must shed itself. With each new treatment, the tattoo will lose a certain degree of color, while the PMU will be lost completely or to the great extent.

RemovalS does not contain acids. Creating deep wounds or scars with this product is impossible which makes it easy to use.

Professional hands-on or online training by RemovalS masters is certainly recommended prior to use.


Who can be our Student?

The only precondition someone must fulfill in order to be our Student is to have willingness to learn!

It doesn't matter if you have any previous cosmetic experience or if you are a lawyer, musician, cook, or an engineer.

Everyone is welcome to join our courses!

How to become a Student?

AcademyS offers various courses at which Students learn about different cosmetic procedures.

For each of them we organize live and online training events.

Having chosen the course of your interest, you should contact the organizer, get all necessary information, apply, and you are on board!


Technician is every person who has previously been AcademyS Student and successfully passed Craft Master application training.

Each Technician obtains a certificate, logo with the unique number, introduction to the AcademyS map on the website.

If an Technician wants to advance, he/she has to practice hard, publish his/her works and follow all the changes in techniques and materials.

In order for an Technician to become a Senior Technician, he/she has to have the title of an Technician for at least 6 months.

He/she can become a Senior Technician after being proposed by his/her or some other Master. If all the Masters agree, an Technician is pronounced a Senior Technician

Royal Artist

Anyone who has been an Technician for at least 6 months, who is active on social networks and groups and whose works have been noticed by many Craft Masters can become a Senior Technician.

Technician who meet the 6 month criterion and believe that their works are good enough can send 5 of their best works to our team at Their works will be presented to Master Technicians who will decide whether this person can actually become a Senior Technician.

By becoming a Senior Technician, you receive a new logo, certificate (via email) and place on the map with new information.

Senior Technician has a chance to become a Master Assistant, by creating lessons and making video materials for the Craft Master application.

Senior Technician also has the right to assist Masters in their trainings if they have a lot of students.

Craft Master

Master Technician’s job is to teach students according to AcademyS rules and the Craft Master application and guide them to pass all the levels and obtain the certificate.

Besides transferring theoretical knowledge about pigments, skin types, tools, hygiene, etc., Master Technician’s task is to teach students how to approach their clients and to motivate the students to keep working with their constant support, as well as to respond to students within 48 hours.

Master Technician is obliged to introduce novelties and lectures he/she finds necessary to the basic Craft Master and to have one video on live model recorded by the AcademyS rules.

Grand Master

Master Technician who has more than 100 certified students within one year and who has been a Master Technician for more than a year can become a Grand Master.

Grand Master has to have a recognizable style accepted by others on the forum, a different technique and shape and modified basic Master Technician.

Each Master Technician can become a Grand Master if he/she creates his/her recognizable technique or significantly contributes to the development of the existing techniques. Also, each Master Technician who introduces a new technique into the Craft Master application can become a Grand Master if he/she proves that he/she has created that technique.

Grand Master has to design a new technique, but also has to have good personal qualities and help others to advance.

Grand Master is allowed to appoint his/her own Master Technicians based on the Craft Master application system, his/her Students, Senior Technicians, Master Technicians, etc.

Training events