About Us

AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash is a new project which will offer to all interested students innovations in the work, highest standards in terms of quality of products and equipment as well as the unique system of online studying.

This project is a result of more than 10 years of active work in fields of beauty industry and PMU, constant development and experimenting with only one goal – to create innovative approach which will give the ultimate beauty experience to end users.

Our team, which consists of experienced and proven professionals whose work is widely recognized and accepted in the entire world, wants to share its knowledge and experience with all interested students with the aim to create a new generation of high professionals. Within our Academy, there will be four different programs:

These programs are carefully created to provide answers and solutions on demands in the beauty market, both in theoretical and practical part. Anyone, regardless on the profession or earlier experience, can become a student of the AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash and with high commitment, dedication and hard work can become the high professional.

In the AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash we deeply believe that the quality of the work can be maintained only with constant personal improvement and commitment. Because of that, our Masters are regular participants and panelists in the most important world’s forums in the field of the beauty industry and PMU.

Join us! Visit us at some of our educations which are available in the entire world and check out why the AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash is no longer just a trend – but a true standard in the beauty industry!

“Practice makes it perfect – so perfect your practice!”

Sviatoslav Otchenash